So, you're beyond ready to increase your impact and income and make your big vision a reality. You're tired of doing little tweaks to your brand here and there without knowing how to make everything feel like it goes together. 


Take your brand
to the next level.

What's going to take you 4 months to a year to figure out what we can do together in one day. 
Let that sink in...

You don't have to  do it alone

I know that working on your branding is easy to put off. Reviewing your ideal customer, redoing your messaging, rewriting your positioning statement… and let’s not even mention making it all feel cohesive and consistent. 

You know that rewriting your Instagram bio each week is not really communicating your value and expertise, yet you keep wasting your time picking at it.

It’s time you finally took care of that thing that’s been tickling the back of your mind. It’s time to finally make your brand reflect your value and your vision. Girl, let’s build something incredible together.

The Truth:

How it works

First this

Personality. We start with a deep dive into your personality, your strengths, and the purpose of your brand.

Then this

Profile. We go all in and get to know both the customers that you’ve loved working with and the customers you can’t wait to have in your program. 

Then This

Position. We take everything we’ve learned and create your cohesive brand positioning and messaging

How does this sound?

The Results

Knowing your ideal customer inside and out so that you can show them the real impact you can make in their lives.

Having go to messaging ready to be used on your website, social media and other marketing materials.

Confidently showing up as the face of your brand because you know and can communicate the value of your strengths and expertise

Growing brand trust because your brand will be cohesive and consistent.

Owning the leader and authority
that you are

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Ok, I'm sold. what's the investment?

Rebrand In a Day

5 Hour 1:1 Virtual Intensive so that you can get in, get out, and get back to your business.

Cohesive brand messaging centered around your strengths and expertise

A brand that reflects who you are AND attracts more dream customers into your programs.


Or 2 payments of $1750

Is this right for you?

You are a coach who is ready to phase out one-to-one services and focus on group programs. 

You are ready to create a brand
that centers on your strengths
 and your vision.

You want to up-level your brand to reflect your growth and experience.

You want big picture results in 24 hours.

Not everyone is the right fit for Rebrand In A Day. I only want to work with soulmate clients. Clients who understand that their current branding isn't a fit for their vision and are ready to put in the time to do the work to take their brand to the next level. If that sounds like you, I want to work with you!

Is that a yes?

Apply now and book
a consultation

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I help coaches who want to take their brands to the next level to discover what makes them special, go all in on their strengths and attract more dream customers into their group programs. 

Because as entrepreneurs, we are all amazingly unique just the way we are and we're here to make a big impact in the lives of our customers. It’s time to step up and stand out. 

It’s how we push past the self doubt and show up as the women and entrepreneurs we aspire to be.

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Hey there, I'm Chayla.
Your BFF and Brand Strategist.


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